Together Against Trump

We are saddened and disturbed by the recent announcement that Trump has decided to pull the US out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, ignoring the advice of the UK, France, Germany, Russia, China and almost all nuclear security experts.

Given recent appointments to his administration of Bush-era warmongers and torturers, we are greatly concerned about where things will lead.

For these reasons and more, we’ll be attending the Together Against Trump demo on 13th July, to mark his visit to the UK (Facebook event here and Facebook for coach here).

Join us on the 13th July to unwelcome Trump!

Manchester coach to Together Against Trump

Our friends at Global Justice Now have booked a coach to London on Friday for the ‘unwelcome’ Trump demo. Tickets are:

  • £15 unwaged
  • £30 waged
  • £35 solidarity rate

Full details are on their website here

Sign the petition

Over 1000 people, mostly from Greater Manchester, have now signed our petition calling for the closure of US military and intelligence bases on UK soil.

Throughout the so-called War on Terror, these bases have repeatedly been used to conduct operations that are counter to UK interests and law.

Donald Trump’s rhetoric, policies and appointments indicate a desire for war and we believe the risks are greater than ever before.

We do not want the UK to be complicit in US wars. We do not want Trump and Bolton using the UK as an aircraft carrier.

Sign the petition

Once we reach 5000 signatures, the results will be shared with every politician in the region.

Thank you.