Greater Manchester & District CND is part of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

We campaign for:

  • The elimination of nuclear weapons
  • An end to illegal, interventionist wars
  • The closure of the nuclear power industry

If you are interested in volunteering or have any ideas, please get in touch via: gmdcnd@gn.apc.org  or  0161 273 8283.

Local, Regional and Specialist Groups

Greater Manchester & District CND acts as a coordinating body, supporting eight local CND and peace groups, as well as individual members of CND in the region. We play an active role in Greater Manchester Stop The War Coalition and have strong links with other regional progressive and environmental organisations.

All local groups welcome new members.

Specialist Groups Contacts:

School Speakers (North West): Contact Bryan on peaceisbetter@outlook.com  // More info here

Greater Manchester Labour CND: Contact Andrew on andrewgmdcnd@gmail.com

Local Groups Contacts:

Bolton CND: Contact Barry Mills on 01204 391305 or millsbcp@googlemail.com

Manchester CND (city branch): Contact Andrew on andrewgmdcnd@gmail.com

Bury Peace Group: Contact Cath Deaville on cathtributsch@hotmail.co.uk

Rochdale and Littleborough Peace Group: Contact Philip Gilligan on patsanchez@phonecoop.coop

Saddleworth Peace Movement: Contact on saddleworthpg@yahoo.co.uk

Stockport Peace Forum: Contact Sheila Townsend on sheilatownsend@btinternet.com

Glossop Peace Group: Contact Linda Walker on glossoppeacegroup@gmail.com


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