Trump and NATO

Together Against Trump

Stop the State Visit: CND was part of a coalition of groups holding a Together Against Trump national demo on 4th June, to ‘unwelcome’ Trump for his State Visit /// GMDCND participating in the Manchester Together Against Trump demo on 3rd June /// We’ll be out again in early December to mark NATO’s Annual Meeting (with Trump visiting) – here

Greater Manchester CND petition: Over 1000 people, mostly from Greater Manchester, have now signed our petition calling for the closure of US military and intelligence bases on UK soil. We do not want Trump and Bolton using the UK as an aircraft carrier. Sign the petition

Trump destroys treaties: Trump seems intent on destroying the few international arms control agreements that exist, having recently pulled the US out of the Iran Nuclear Deal and INF treaty with Russia. Read CND’s statement

NATO – Nuclear Armed Terrorist Organisation

NATO Summit in London: CND activists will protest Donald Trump’s visit to Britain for a NATO summit on 3rd December. Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“President Trump has begun the process of US withdrawal from the INF treaty. This has already sparked a ratcheting up of a nuclear arms race. The NATO summit will be a crucial opportunity for our movement to oppose Trump’s nuclear warmongering and highlight the dangerous role NATO, as a nuclear alliance, plays in raising international tensions.”

More on the NATO Summit demo

Rae on NATO’s 70th birthday: Last year, Greater Manchester CND activist Rae Street wrote an in-depth article for Transform, reflecting on the 70th anniversary of NATO – here

Florence Declaration: GMDCND endorses the views expressed in the Declaration of Florence, calling for a NATO Exit – here