Peace History Conference 2021


Rob Evans is an investigative reporter at The Guardian. He co-authored the book ‘Undercover: The True Story of Britain’s Secret Police’ and blogs on the subject here


Jeremy is the MP for Islington North and has served as the Vice-Chair of CND, Chair of Stop the War Coalition and Leader of the Labour Party. He has decades of experience campaigning for peace and justice.


Dr Ronan is a feminist historian interested in recovering hidden histories, particularly relating to WW1. She is a Visiting Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University.


Jason is an activist and film director. He is the Co-Producer of ‘Spycops’, a documentary about his former ‘friend’ Mark Kennedy, who has been outed as an undercover police officer in environmental groups across Europe.

Join us at 2pm on 26th September 2021 /// Register via Zoom

The event is organised by the Peace History Conference group. It is free and there will be plenty of time for Q&A and discussion.


The 2021 Peace History Conference takes a linear theme this year, exploring state surveillance of peace movements in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Perhaps one measure of the effectiveness of campaigning organisations is the effort that the government makes to infiltrate, spy on and otherwise monitor those who “march to a different drum” or seek a better world.

The British state has a long history of surveillance and control of its people and particularly of those who hold views different to the prevailing orthodoxy: from the time of Shakespeare, through post-Napoleonic Peterloo, opposition to the “Great War”, the anti-nuclear movements and up to environmental protection and Extinction Rebellion.

The Conference will explore some of the state’s attempts to silence the message over the past century and will end, as at previous Conferences, with how we can still campaign for what we believe in.

Speakers topics include:

  • Journalist Rob Evans on undercover cops in 1960s – 1970s peace and environmental movements
  • MP and campaigner Jeremy Corbyn on state surveillance of the peace movement and Labour Left MPs
  • Historian Dr Ali Ronan on surveillance of 1920s/30s pacifist groups, including Peace Pledge Union and War No More
  • Filmmaker Jason Kirkpatrick (Coming documentary: ‘Spycops’) on the human impact of police infiltration