Challenging the AUKUS Treaty

CND and North West Labour CND are organising opposition to the AUKUS Treaty (with US and Australia) and to challenge the New Cold War with China.

Lobby Your MP: NW Labour CND is asking supporters to encourage their MP to sign an Early Day Motion on AUKUS, to publicly raise the dangers of this treaty and the risks of sharing and proliferating nuclear submarine technology – https://cnduk.org/aukus-military-pact-lobby-your-mp/

Lobby Your Union / CLP: A draft resolution for your CLP and trade union branch can also be found at: https://tinyurl.com/npb8dwbn

Support the Ban Treaty

CND’s petition on the Nuclear Ban Treaty – here

Local Councillors Pledge – here

Faith Communities Pledge – here

Check our GMDCND’s interview with NFLA’s Sean Morris on the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty and creating ‘Nuclear Ban Communities’

Call for Action:

Governments – Commit to meaningful emissions cuts at COP26


Challenging ‘Global Britain’ and the Integrated Review

Template letter for MPs – Download here

Global Britain statement – Download here

Wash our hands of Trident 

Check out CND’s online lobbying tool here

Read and share CND’s new ‘Security Not Trident’ report here

Check our GMDCND’s interview with CND’s Dr Kate Hudson on COVID-19 and security priorities:

Early Day Motion on a Moratorium on the production of weapons

Ask your MP to sign it today! – here

Invest in Healthcare Instead of Militarisation

Petition – IPB petition here

Join the Hibakusha Rebellion!

Hibakusha appeal – here