Nukes of Hazard!

1convoy-trucksConvoys carrying nuclear bombs routinely travel on British roads, taking Trident warheads from nuclear facilities in the south of England to naval bases in Scotland.

Greater Manchester & District CND is concerned about the safety of these convoys, which sometimes use the nearby M6.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confessed to eight accidents involving nuclear convoys between 1960 and 1991 and given outline details of a further 180 safety incidents affecting the convoys between 2000 and 2016 (full report).

In the event of accidents resulting in fire, radiation leak or an ‘inadvertent yield’, we want our local emergency services to be prepared and the public to be fully aware of the dangers. We also want to start a public conversation about whether these convoys are worth the risks.

The campaign so far

  • Councillors raise concerns about nuclear warhead convoys

20 councillors in Greater Manchester have signed an Open Letter (text here) raising concerns about the nuclear convoys and calling for the government to push for progress on global abolition of nuclear weapons. The councillors are:

Manchester: John Leech, Hannah Priest, David Rawson, Mandie Shilton Godwin, Yasmine Dar, Paul Andrews, Michael Lee Amesbury, Grace Fletcher-Hackwood /// Wigan: Christine Roberts /// Bury: Sarah Southworth, Annette McKay, Tim Pickstone /// Trafford: Jane Baugh, Jane Brophy /// Rochdale: Phil Burke, Daniel Meredith, Wendy Cocks /// Bolton: Akhtar Zaman /// Salford: Bill Hinds, Roger Jones

  • Parliamentarians raise concerns

In November, Jeff Smith MP (Manchester Withington) asked two Parliamentary Questions about the convoys (more info) /// Julie Ward (MEP for North West) has signed the Open Letter mentioned above.

  • Greater Manchester Mayoral candidates

We are in the process of approaching all the Greater Manchester Mayoral candidates. So far, the Green candidate (Will Patterson) and Liberal Democrat candidate (Jane Brophy) have added their names to the aforementioned open letter.

Jane said:

“It is unacceptable for nuclear warheads to be driven through Greater Manchester without far more being done to ensure the safety of everyone who lives and works here. If elected as Mayor, I will be initiating detailed work to make sure we fully understand the risks, and take action if necessary.”

  • Letters to the press

GMDCND Campaigns Officer Andrew Gibson had a letter published in the Manchester Evening News (see here).

GMDCND Chair Philip Gilligan had a letter published in Rochdale News here.

  • Media coverage

Salford Star wrote about the campaign here

Rochdale News wrote about the campaign here

  • Workshop on nuclear convoys held

On 28th January, activists, union officials and council officers worried about the convoys met in central Manchester to discuss the state of the campaign and plan future activity.

Join the campaign!

If you can help us raise awareness and ask questions about the safety, legality and morality of these convoys, please get in touch via


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