Wages not Weapons: join CND at Tory Party conference on October 1st

Join CND at the national demonstration at the Tory party conference this year in Manchester to share our Wages not Weapons message!

Assemble 1 October at 12 noon on All Saints Park, corner of Cavendish Street and Oxford Road, Manchester

The government announced more military spending in the 2023 budget. Instead of wasting money on weapons, the government should be addressing the frightening cost of living crisis facing millions of us. Let’s protest their priorities at the Tory party conference in Manchester.

CND stands in solidarity with the workers and trade unions striking for better wages and a better future for all. Instead of spending unnecessary money on more nuclear warheads, CND calls on the government to guarantee fair wages and real pay rises for all. The country needs investment in our NHS, money to build more homes, a better transport system and an answer to the energy crisis that protects us from climate change. 

None of our problems can be resolved by war, or by nuclear weapons. Our broken society cannot be rebuilt while profits come first. We need to prioritise food, homes, warmth, health, properly-paid jobs and education.

Call for volunteers:
If you would like to volunteer to help us on the day of the demonstration, please get in touch with us on gmdcnd@gn.apc.org

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