Labour CND

Manchester Momentum are hosting Greater Manchester CND for an event titled ‘The Arms Race and the Alternatives’ at Partisan on 24th October at 7pm – here

The background reading for the meeting is – Gerson’s ‘The hour is getting late’ (here) and Novara’s ‘Barrow-in-Furness: The Small Town at the Centre of Britain’s Nuclear Arsenal’ (here)


Labour CND is open to all Labour Party members who are also members of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Its purpose is to build support for nuclear disarmament and a peaceful foreign policy within the Labour Party. It calls for the scrapping of the Trident nuclear weapon system and for Britain to end its support illegal military interventions abroad.

As well as individual members, it also welcomes support from constituency parties and other branches and affiliates of the party.

Template resolutions – For Annual Conference

Trump, Nuclear Dangers, Ban Treaty – here

Defence Diversification – here

North West Labour CND

Labour CND members organise on a regional level in the North West. To find out more about this network, please contact