Jobs Not Bombs

GMDCND is working with partners across the country to develop and promote ‘an industrial strategy for peace’.

We support calls by Jeremy Corbyn and the TUC for the Labour Party to develop a Shadow Defence Diversification Agency, to prepare plans and investments for a more green, less militaristic economy.

We are encouraging our members and supports to promote this agenda in their local Labour and trade union branches, using the below template resolutions:

Background reading

  • Nuclear Education Trust’s report on international examples of diversification (here)
  • Jeremy Corbyn’s discussion paper on Defence Diversification (here)
  • New Lucas Plan Group’s publications list on arms conversion (here)


We recently supported two workshops on defence diversification / the Lucas Plan, which can be found on Facebook here

A New Lucas Plan: An idea whose time has come?

CND is a proud member of the New Lucas Plan Group (NLPG), a network set up to explore how the ideas of the Lucas Plan can be implemented in the present day.

The Lucas Plan was a pioneering effort by workers at the arms-related company Lucas Aerospace, in the 1970s, to defend their jobs by proposing alternative, socially-useful applications of the company’s technology and their own skills. The Plan became internationally famous and sparked a movement for socially useful production, as well as helping to save jobs at Lucas Aerospace.

The NLPG has launched a new documentary about The Plan:

Stream a 30 minute version here:

NLPG has working groups along the following themes:

  • Arms conversion
  • Robotics & automation
  • Just transition
  • Democratic local planning

To join the email discussion lists of any of these working groups, please contact: