Highlights from 2020!

2020 was another great year of peace advocacy for GMDCND. Below are a few highlights.


GMDCND’s Dr Jenny Clegg raised the alarm about growing US aggression towards Iran

Dr Becky Alexis-Martin spoke at our AGM about her new book – Disarming Doomsday

Front cover of Disarming Doomsday book


We hosted Linda Pentz-Gunter (Beyond Nuclear International) and Linda Walker (Chernobyl Children’s Project UK) to speak on ‘Nuclear power and its impact on women’


Jacqui interviewed Dr Kate Hudson about coronavirus, real security and CND’s ‘Wash our Hands of Trident’ campaign

Jacqui interviewed Sean Morris about building Nuclear Ban Communities, the TPNW and the work of Nuclear Free Local Authorities

We supported dED_UCATION’s first online event – ‘Silent Victim: the environmental impacts of war’ – with CEOBS’ Doug Weir


GMDCND’s Dr Jenny Clegg spoke to London CND about China, its response to coronavirus and international security

We launched the Raffle of Experiences, featuring prizes donated by wonderful CND members and supporters. Examples below.


We co-hosted (with Oldham Peace & Justice) a brilliant screening of ‘Not in Our Name’, followed by a Q&A with ‘Raytheon 9’ activists Eamonn McCann and Colm Bryce

GMDCND’s Rae Street published on new nuclear power risks in the Morning Star


We co-organised a webinar with Labour’s Fabian Hamilton MP and ICAN’s Alicia Sandres-Zakre about the prospects of the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty. Fabian had recently been re-appointed as Shadow Minister for Peace and Security, after much lobbying from CND members!

We remembered our comrade Gerry Collier, who sadly passed away in July. Gerry put his whole life into fighting for nuclear disarmament and social justice and will be greatly missed.


We remembered the victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and called for present-day peace, with socially-distanced vigils and demonstrations across Greater Manchester.

On 9th August, we hosted two international speakers to educate us about and help us reflect on the terrible bombing of Nagasaki. Thank you to our guests, Joseph Gerson (American Friends Services Committee) and Rieko Asato, from the Japan Council Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs (Gensuikyo).

We announced the winners of our Raffle of Experiences, with help from the colourful characters Norma and Emma Turner.


Jinsella (dED_UCATION) read a message of solidarity on behalf of GMDCND at Extinction Rebellion’s Northern Rebellion, making the connection between environmental security and peace.


We celebrated the historic 50th ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (the ‘Ban Treaty’), necessary for its entry-into-force and becoming international law. CND is part of the coalition of peace groups that has been pushing for Ban Treaty for many years now. CND members across the region celebrated by creating and sharing peace signs at home


We noted the end of the Trump Presidency and hoped the change will result in a more enlightened approach to nuclear arms control and disarmament in US policy.


We organised a webinar about the role of Greater Manchester activists in launching Nuclear Free Local Authorities and the global movement for Nuclear Free Zones – an important moment in local and global history!

Have a great Christmas break and see you next year!