GM&D CND at Glastonbury

GM&D CND has been providing the free Property Lockup service at Glastonbury festival for over 30 years.

Working together with 6 other CND and peace groups, we provide a 24 hour service from Wednesday until 12noon on Monday looking after everyone’s valuables and festival essentials from our bases right across the festival site.

We also run the Challenge 21 wrist banding service and give out free loo rolls. The Property Lockups are an integral part of Glastonbury Festival. The work is pretty straightforward and newbies will always work with an experienced team. You will also be given training on-site before the festival opens.

Our crew are recruited each year, with experienced veterans being given first refusal on spaces. However, it is worth applying as not everyone is able to return every year.

Contact the GM&D CND office for further details.