No US Nukes at RAF Lakenheath

On Saturday 21 May Greater Manchester and District CND joined hundreds of others from across the country at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk to oppose the return of American nuclear weapons to the base.

Lakenheath, which exclusively hosts American personnel, previously housed hundreds of nuclear bombs, until they were removed in 2008 after decades of protest. Campaigners had travelled to the Suffolk countryside from as far away as Exeter, Yorkshire and or course all around Manchester.

GMDCND DPPresident Maxine Peake speaks about nuclear weapons at Lakenheath

The decision to return nuclear bombs to the site has not been discussed in Parliament and the government has so far refused even to confirm that the prospect has been discussed with the Americans. The shocking secrecy being displayed was highlighted by many of the speakers during the demonstration, including CND Chair Tom Unterrainer.

There were also memories shared of the last time the bombs were here, including from one of the ‘Lakenheath 6’ who broke into the base and chained themselves to a plane before phoning the police to report that crimes were being planned by those behind the scenes.

It still hasn’t been formally confirmed by the United States government that the bombs will be returning to the UK, but doing so at a time when the world is closer to nuclear war that it has been for generations would undoubtedly be seen as a provocative move and one which would make the world less safe.

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