Useful links from Nuclear Power & Wildlife webinar

In October 2021, GMDCND co-hosted a webinar titled ‘New Nuclear: What’s at stake for wildlife?’

Many useful links were shared in the Chat Box during the session, so we have listed them all below.


  • Net Zero Without Nuclear: The Case Against Nuclear Power (J. Porritt) – here
  • Licensed to Kill: How the nuclear power industry destroys endangered marine wildlife and ocean habitat to save money (NIRS, 2001) – here
  • Renewable Nation: Pathways to a Zero Carbon Britain (Good Energy, 2021) – here
  • Briefing on Hinkley Point C Acoustic Fish Deterrents (NFLA, 2021) – here
  • Chemical discharges from nuclear power stations: historical releases and implications for Best Available Techniques (Environment Agency, 2011) – here
  • Nuclear Energy & Nuclear Weapons – The Inseparable link (J. Porritt) – here
  • Climate Jobs: Building a workforce for the climate emergency (CACC) – here
  • Nuclear power and harm to animals, wild and domestic (Beyond Nuclear) – here
  • Strong effects of ionizing radiation from Chernobyl on mutation rates (Scientific Reports) – here

Media / Press

  • Nuclear power station could destroy wildlife haven I’ve loved since childhood (S. Moss, Observer) – here
  • Sizewell C nuclear plant could kill 500m fish, campaigners say (Guardian) – here
  • “Low-carbon” misses the point: Arguments favouring nuclear power as a climate ‘solution’ are fundamentally misframed (Counterpunch 2021) – here
  • FPL doesn’t prevent endangered sea turtles from being sucked into nuclear power plant pipe (Treasure Coast Newspapers) – here
  • Don’t believe hydrogen and nuclear hyper – they can’t get us to net zero carbon by 2050 (J. Porritt, Guardian) – here
  • At Chernobyl and Fukushima, radioactivity has seriously harmed wildlife (The Conversation, 2016) – here
  • Nuclear energy is anything but clean (Letters, Guardian) – here
  • Hinkley Point C: a fish killing machine? (Angling Trust, blog) – here

Other resources

  • Talking Points on nuclear and climate change (Beyond Nuclear International) – here
  • Swimming at Stake (Artist Angenita Hardy-Teekens at Bradwell) – here
  • Save the Severn Estuary (crowdfunder campaign) – here
  • UK Radioactive Waste Inventory (government) – here
  • Once You Know (climate change documentary) – good model for grassroots filmmaking? – here
  • The case against nuclear energy (Rae Street’s speech at Keep Space for Peace week) – here
  • Sizewell C, our fragile coast and climate change (YouTube, Stop Sizewell C) – here

Campaigns / NGOs

  • People Against Wylfa B – here
  • CADNO (Trawsfynydd) – here
  • Stop Hinkley – here
  • Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group – here
  • Stop Sizewell C – here
  • Together Against Sizewell C – here
  • Suffolk Coastal Friends of the Earth – here
  • The webinar organising committee: NFLA (here), Greater Manchester CND (here), Beyond Nuclear (here), Beyond Nuclear International (here), Chernobyl Children’s Project UK (here)

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