Useful links from Peace History Conference 2021

This year’s Peace History Conference focused on the issues of state surveillance and infiltration of peace movements – video here

Many useful links were shared in the Chat Box during the conference, so we have listed them all below.


  • CND calls for answers from inquiry over 1980s police infiltration (Guardian, 2021)  – here     
  • Activist ejected from Labour conference had been spied on in 1960s (Guardian, 2006) – here
  • Special Branch surveillance on CND – The story here and all files here

Databases / research:

  • Undercover Policing Enquiry – Who is involved? – here
  • Special Demonstration Squad undercover list – here
  • UK political groups spied on by undercover police – search the list (Guardian) – here
  • Get a copy of your police record – here


  • Irish Times – Inquiry urged into undercover British agent Mark Kennedy – here
  • Statewatch Analysis – Using false documents against “Euro-anarchists” – here
  • Statewatch News: EU – Another secretive European police working group – here

Media / Multimedia sources:

  • Rob Evans regularly covers the ‘Spycops’ issue – here
  • Spycops is a podcast series about undercover political police – here
  • Collection of press coverage – here

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